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              Increase Visibility & Reduce Business Risk

              Targeted threats may masquerade as normal behavior, making them harder to detect with security tools alone. Faster identification and eradication helps minimize downtime, financial loss, and damage to your brand.

              Average number of days to detect a targeted threat

              Of companies have insufficient endpoint or network visibility

              The average time to evict advanced threats was 500% greater than the time to evict non-targeted threats

              Managed Detection & Response

              Secureworks simplifies security and helps eradicate threats with a complete solution including detection, prevention and incident response, so you can focus on your business.

              Managed Detection & Response

              Boost Visibility & Detection

              Improve cybersecurity and protect your business from the endpoint to the cloud. We help reduce adversary dwell time and deliver faster detection, prevention and response, even against targeted and emerging threats.

              Reduce Business Risk

              Reduce Business Risk

              Secureworks takes the time to understand your business to better identify, understand and thwart threats that often evade security tools alone. Faster detection and response help reduce the risk to your organization.

              Streamline Security Operations

              Streamline Security Operations

              Layered security creates gaps that adversaries can exploit to compromise your organization. Leverage Secureworks expertise to help validate your security controls and improve the efficiency of your cybersecurity program.

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